Exhaustively trained on how to restore and dress Amtico & Karndean flooring, we can offer specialist advice on the types of coating and treatments available to keep floors looking pristine.

Even in the most careful of homes, accidental damage such as scratches, stains and scrapes can occur when it comes to hard flooring. Fortunately, they’re all things that we at Cambridge-Stonecare like to get stuck into.

Amtico and Karndean are a premium flooring products and need caring for as such to ensure that they last for years to come. Cambridge-Stonecare understand this and can be trusted to treat your flooring with the care and professionalism it deserves.


Living with either of the above floors you are bound to have accumulated a number of scratches, cuts or abrasions if you keep a busy home environment, or maybe you can lay most of the blame on the dog, either way, these scratches are diminish the overall look and feel of your floor and you need to know what can be done about it right?

Ok, the truth is that many of these scuffs and abraisions can be worked out by using our specialist Amtico & Karndean stripper, the use of our heavy duty graded floor pads and our high pressure clean and capture system. However deep scratches can more often than not be permanent. Scratches like these will still remain but our system is able to remove so much dirt from the scratches that their visual impact will be greatly reduced when fully re-dressed.