Grout lines.

Even the mention of these two short words can stir up deep seated emotions of hatred and anger, It’s not like you don’t clean them, you go to town with the tooth brush and the strongest super ultra chemicals you could find on the internet, but they just keep getting dirty and fast! This is usually down to detergent based chemical residue that hasn’t been thoroughly rinsed out, and when this dries, it acts like a magnet for any and all dust, dirt and grime.

The remedy is simple.

Our special blended natural grout pre sprays are designed to work effectively with all types of interior stone and can make all the difference to you when trying to keep a tidy look to your floor.

Once applied the residue remover is worked into your grout lines manually using our angled stiff grout brushes to dissolve any dirt from the pores of the grout, leaving it ready for rinsing.

Now the word rinsing isn’t really the correct word for what comes next, our top of the line hot water clean and capture machine is capable of blasting your grouts at pressures up to 1000psi, although most of the time anything over 800psi is overkill and can in some cases be dangerous when working on slightly broken grout lines although we always carry out a pre inspection of the grout for reasons just like this to avoid any potential damage. The fully enclosed system recovers all the waste water which goes straight into our waste tank mounted to the back of our van, leaving no mess or overspray.

Your grout lines are now as clean as they have ever been and are now ready for drying using our high velocity turbo fans which will power dry your grout lines ready for sealing.

Sealing grouts is very important if you are looking for a clean and manageable floor which is easier to maintain and that can withstand spillages and everyday soiling.

See our sealing & impregnating page for more information about our sealing and impregnating solutions.

And don’t forget, we operate a 100% money back guarantee meaning that if for whatever reason you are not over the moon with the service we have provided then we will come straight back to address the issue as soon as is humanly possible and if you are still not 100% happy then you don’t pay, you can’t say fairer than that!