Stone cleaning…cleaning tiles, it sounds straight forward enough right? Well the truth is sadly no. If you’re the owner of a shiny marble floor, you probably have some scratches that you cant remove, or maybe your travertine looks dull and just doesn’t look like the floor you purchased anymore despite using all those products on it, or maybe it’s your old nemesis… grout lines?

The list could go on and on and the truth is that unless you have the equipment, the right choice of chemicals along with a good understanding of the specialised techniques involved then the optimal finish is simply unattainable.

This is where we come in! All the chemicals we use have been exhaustively tested and used on all types of stone and ceramics for years with incredible results, our clean and capture high pressure hot water rinse machinery is second to none and our techniques have been honed to perfection. 

Take 2 minutes and watch our system in use and see for yourself the results that we are able to achieve.

Here at Cambridge-Stonecare we operate a 100% money back guarantee meaning that if for whatever reason you are not over the moon with the service we have provided then we will come straight back to address the issue as soon as is humanly possible and if you are still not 100% happy then you don’t pay, you can’t say fairer than that.

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Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from ancient calcareous remains of plants and animals. Quite porous with many visible holes that are often filled with a special resin. Because it is soft and has resin filled holes, it should never be cleaned at pressures above 800 PSI and then only if the grout and the resin fillings are in good condition.

Travertine is etched by acids, including soft drinks and juice. Acid-based cleaning chemicals can also etch so it’s best to avoid any citrus based off the shelf remedies. Travertine should only be cleaned with a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner.

Travertine is a favourite with us at Cambridge-Stonecare being one of the most versatile and rewarding stones to work on and with a variety of finishes available.


Slate is a metamorphic stone that is characterized by a sheet-like structure with parallel cleavage, which permits it to be split readily into thin, smooth sheets. It is composed of clay, quartz, and mica and comes in a multitude of colors

A slate floor when properly cleaned and sealed can look simply amazing, In years past it was the floor of choice for the ultra wealthy, now days many of these floors are coming to light and with the right combination of know how and hard work they can be looked at again with envious eyes.

Slate scratches and can stain quite easily so using the right cleaning methods such as the use of our incredible diamond ‘monster’ brushes to eliminate scratches, and natural sealing products that can enhance and protect your stone long after we have gone.

It is important that your slate is sealed or impregnated to protect it against oil and water based stains and the build up of soil and residue.

Different seal = different finish, we are always more than happy to advise on which type will suit your home environment, weather you want it shiny or matte, we have the solution for you.


Marble known in the field for its premium quality, toughness and durability. It is often the preferred choice for interior and exterior in both commercial and domestic flooring. When polished it provides an ultra durable and not to mention breathtakingly beautiful finish when impregnated with a colour enhancing impregnator.

Marble has been used throughout the ages as feature flooring in some of the most impressive buildings in the uk and with good reason! Now found not only in premium new builds, commercial foyers and rural farmhouses but even churches too, marble can be looked on as the most beautiful stone floors known to man when maintained correctly.

Our diamond infused polishing puck system used alongside with our natural stone care ‘monster’ polishing powder and  1100 grit polishing pads are designed to lightly hone and polish dull marble giving the perfect finish, removing minor scratches and polishing to an ultra high level, providing an unrivalled natural reflective shine.


Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a popular option these days due their durability, water and scratch resistance. Coming in a variety of colours and textures these tiles are characterised by their low maintenance qualities.

Being a manufactured stone, they don’t necessarily have any pores for any dirt to sink in to, making it the ideal surface to use in a high traffic kitchen or hallway, however..the main problem with a porcelain or ceramic floor is usually the grout lines.

Due to its resistance to most chemicals, these tiles are usually cleaned with off the shelf detergents and acidic cleaners, which by and large do a good job of maintaining the actual tile, however the residue from the cleaning agents are soaking into the grout where they dry, and attract dirt.

This is something we see every day and can be remedied by using an extra heavy tile and grout cleaner made from an advanced blend of solvents and surfactants to break down the soiling, grease and oil, along with our advanced hot water clean and capture high pressure rinsing machine for amazing results.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock commonly used for flooring, wall tiles, counters, shower surfaces, and outdoor paving. While limestone can have a long, useful life, it is fairly soft. As such, it can be easily scratched, damaged by heat, and etched by acidic substances. Improper care and cleaning can wear on the stone, thus dulling its appearance.

Strong acidic cleaning products that do not have a neutral pH could actually do more harm than good, as they break down the surface of limestone also known as etching.

Improper maintenance can be remedied using a combination of a strong natural wax residue remover, a diamond rotary mounted brush, our high pressure truck mounted clean and capture system and some good old hard graft, leaving your tired looking limestone like it has just been laid.


Sandstone is a porous, durable sedimentary rock composed of cemented sand-sized grains, predominantly quartz with silica, iron oxide or calcium carbonate. Used for countertops, flooring, showers, porches, stepping stones, pavers and vertical surfaces. Like sand, sandstone may be any colour, but the most common colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey and white.

Being  a sedimentary rock, sandstone will age naturally over time.  But with regular traffic, children and pets, it’s easy for your sandstone floor to slowly appear aged, lifeless, a little sad looking, usually with ingrained soils and unfortunately looking a little dirty in some areas.

Fortunately our natural blend of non toxic and low odour sandstone chemicals coupled with our top of the line clean and capture system will leave your once tired looking sandstone floor looking like new again.

Once cleaned we would heavily advise you think about having a sealer applied to your sandstone to avoid any potential for spills becoming permanent stains, and for this we would usually recommend a colour enhancing impregnator to offer you protection from oil & water plus the impregnator allows the stone to breath, giving a durable and beautiful finish.

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