If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a marble floor in your home then maybe you can cast your mind back to when you purchased the house, everything was clean and shiny, carpets clean, bathrooms sparkling, and the mirror like effect your floor used to have seems to be a distant memory.

Don’t give up on it yet! We see floors like this every week and believe me the results we can achieve can be mind blowing, the transformation can be quite unbelievable if done correctly and safely. With marble being one of the hardest stones out there, it goes without saying that the cleaning and polishing process is one of the most time consuming out there and having the right tools and know how is paramount to achieving the maximum result.

Our state of the art equipment, solutions and unique diamond pads expertly clean, restore, remove scratches and blemishes. The process is further enhanced with application of expertly formulated, low odour, unique sealer/impregnators, to provide durability and amazing protection from everyday spots and spills, presenting you with the finest marble floor cleaning and polishing and of course, the stunningly beautiful floor you’ve always dreamed of.

We can also polish other natural stone floors such as travertine and limestone, these softer stones can be honed and polished using our diamond infused polishing puck system used alongside with our natural stone care ‘monster’ polishing powder and  1100 grit polishing pads are designed to lightly hone and polish dull stone giving the perfect finish, removing minor scratches and polishing to an ultra high level, providing an unrivalled natural reflective shine.

And don’t forget, we operate a 100% money back guarantee meaning that if for whatever reason you are not over the moon with the service we have provided then we will come straight back to address the issue as soon as is humanly possible and if you are still not 100% happy then you don’t pay, you can’t say fairer than that!

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